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Buzz's Movie Maker app review


Buzz’s Movie Maker

Price: Free

Buzz’s Movie Maker by General Mills Inc. turns you into the director of your own videos featuring General mills characters.

Most of us as children saw the General Mills commercials on television and likely fell in love with the catchy tunes. Now you can relive all of those amazingly familiar memories in the form of Buzz’s Movie Maker.

Take more than 100 different clips from your favorite commercials and organize them into your very own movie. You can create your very own commercial, short clip, or just go wild and make a totally crazy story.

The interactive interface is quite simple to use and is very intuitive. The timeline is shown along the bottom and you simply place clips into the open spaces. You can then scrub, or play back the slide to see how everything works out. You can choose from funny, normal, or wacky clips to create an enormous assortment of hilarious videos.

Buzz’s Movie Maker was released as Version 1.0 on February 9, 2013. There have been 14 ratings to date with an average score of four out of five stars.

I found this app to be a ton of fun. The video clips are well done and the sound is well suited. Making the videos is fun and simple which means even young kids can do it all on their own. Buzz’s Movie Maker is a really great app that lets you get very creative with almost immediate results.

For: iPad with iOS 4.3 or later.

Buzz's Movie Maker


Buzz's Movie Maker


Buzz's Movie Maker

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