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Multiplayer for Minecraft PE app review


Multiplayer for Minecraft PE

Price: $2.99

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE by Innovative Devs is the app that lets you play Minecraft PE online, as long as you have the paid or free version of Minecraft PE.

You can either join other servers or create your own and play online; you don’t have to be on the same WiFi to play with people.

For right now, you get in-game voice chat for free. That means you can easily communicate with all of the other participants.

Other features include the ability to create private servers and keep out all but the friends you want to let join; a free game to keep you busy while you look for servers; and server hosts can manage users. You can also kick out and ban griefers.

There are no subscription costs and no charges to run these servers.

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE was updated to Version 1.1 on March 29, 2013. The update made a critical bug fix, added banners or alerts for when players leave or join, and fixed the Game Center bug. The current version has 137 customer ratings with an average of four out of five stars.

Some have problems with loading or crashing but I didn’t have any problems with it.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 6.0 or later. Multiplayer for Minecraft PE is optimized for iPhone 5.

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE


Multiplayer for Minecraft PE


Multiplayer for Minecraft PE

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