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Little Dentist app review: find out what being a dentist is all about


Little Dentist

Price: Free

Little Dentist by George CL lets your child play the role of the dentist.

Who has ever wanted to be a dentist before? Well now anyone who would like to know what it is like to help others with their teeth can try it out with this app. It is designed more the youngster who still thinks they might want to be an astronaut or a paleontologist or even a dentist.

There are several different patients that you can work on including a little boy, little girl, and even Frankenstein! They all have different problems with their teeth that you must help to fix. Using the various tools that are available on the tray at the bottom of the screen you must clean, drill, and repair the teeth to like-new condition.

Some of the patients' teeth are so bad you might even have to pull them out. Use the pliers to yank those rotten teeth out! The graphics are very cartoonish and some of the animations need some refinement. The game is also lacking a bit of content and instruction but for most you children it is still fun to poke around with.

Little Dentist was released as Version 1.0.0 on May 15, 2013 and has since received 653 ratings with an average score of 3.5 out of five stars.

This game has some potential and with any luck future updates will bring new content and other features as recommended by its users. Maybe this would be a good one to check back on in a few months.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later. Little Dentist is optimized for iPhone 5.

Little Dentist - kids games & game for kids


Little Dentist - kids games & game for kids


Little Dentist - kids games & game for kids

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