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Fitness Buddy app review: get fit with the huge collection of exercises and routines


Fitness Buddy : 1700+ Exercise Workout Journal


Price: $7.99 (as of June 2, 2013, marked down to $1.99) 

Fitness Buddy : 1700+ Exercise Workout Journal by Azumio Inc. is ideal for those of you who are looking to get in shape for the summer, and includes literally thousands of exercises, images, videos, and routines to get you started on your path towards a fitter lifestyle. It was updated on February 8, 2013.

If you aren’t sure where to start, there are dozens of ready-made exercise programs tailored to specific goals and requirements, so you can jump right in and get started without any prior experience or knowledge.


User Experience
There is a massive amount of content in this app, which is great, but it certainly isn’t the easiest or most intuitive app ever developed. The navigation appears a little clunky and temperamental at times, which can make it frustrating to create a workout.

Having said that, the content itself is very good and some people will get a lot of benefit from using this to create a basic template for a workout routine.


This app contains more than 1,700 different exercises and features over 1,000 instructional videos so you will know exactly how to perform each exercise. Furthermore, all of the exercises are indexed into different categories, such as lower body, chest, back, arms, and so on, and there are more than 4,000 photos and animations to further demonstrate the correct form for each exercise.

Also included are detailed instructions for each exercise, along with features that enable you to add or remove your own exercises to create a workout routine based on your preferences and fitness levels.

More than 75 workout routines are included with this app and they cover a variety of goals, such as building a big chest or arms, toning the abdomen, and toning the butt. There are even workouts tailored to specific types of equipment, such as kettle bells, barbells, resistance bands, and even bodyweight-only exercises.


Update Info
Fitness Buddy : 1700+ Exercise Workout Journal is currently running on Version 2.1. The latest update included a few minor fixes including issues with crashing and memory optimization.


Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments
Fitness Buddy : 1700+ Exercise Workout Journal currently has 3892 customer ratings with an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars. The high average rating does not seem to reflect what customers are saying and it is possible that ratings may have been padded out with positive reviews to produce a higher average score.

Customers’ main complaints are that the app is somewhat “glitchy” and temperamental, making it very time-consuming to set up workouts.


Personal Comments by Reviewer                                                                                                            I hope that the recent updates will have fixed some of these issues. This could be a really great app once the bugs and other problems are fixed. 




  • Massive amount of content
  • High-resolution videos, animations, and images
  • Ideal for beginners looking to improve their fitness
  • Developer seems to be responsive to customer feedback with version updates



  • Not the most streamlined app available, is clunky, and has glitches                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


For: iPad with iOS 4.2 or later.

Fitness Buddy+ Gym Workout Exercise, Home Trainer


Fitness Buddy+ Gym Workout Exercise, Home Trainer


Fitness Buddy+ Gym Workout Exercise, Home Trainer

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