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Google Catalogs: Adding a Personal Touch


Google Catalogs: Adding a Personal Touch

Google Catalogs is a great shopping research app to access your favorite catalogs with the touch of an iPad and indispensable whether you are looking for a specific item to purchase or just want to browse.

There is a wide array of catalogs available in this app ranging from housewares to cosmetics to trendy apparel for both men and women. Google Catalogs offers many top-name brands to choose from such as Williams-Sonoma, Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Crate and Barrel, and many more!

Google Catalogs: Adding a Personal Touch

Not only does Google Catalogs spare you the exhaustion of tearing apart pages that got stuck together and set aside fear of paper cuts, but also furnishes creativity and efficiency tools unavailable in traditional hardcopy catalog browsing. One unique feature offered is "Collages". With "Collages", you can personalize your favorite finds and piece them together to create a unique collage showcasing your taste as well as expressing your creative side. These collages can be made public to share them with others.

Efficiency is a central component of Google Catalogs. For example, price tag icons allow you to click on and learn the price of a product and even direct you to the company’s website to purchase it.

Google Catalogs: Adding a Personal Touch The Google Catalogs app is another smart product from Google that is, above everything else, convenient. It is an efficient shopping research app where you can express your creative side while purchasing that really cute clutch from Urban Outfitters!

AppPicker Rating:  4/5 Stars Pick It Up from the App Store:  Google Catalogs [link]

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