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Steve Jobs’ Father Says the Apple Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree


Steve Jobs’ Father Says the Apple Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree John Jandali didn’t know he was the father of one of the world’s richest and most visionary persons until a few years ago.  Despite Steve Jobs' presumed significant health issues, John doesn’t have any plans to reach out to his son to either speak or meet him for the first time. In 1955, John impregnated his girlfriend, Joanne, and wanted to marry her but her father would not approve given his Syrian background.  Joanne’s solution was to move from Wisconsin to San Francisco where she made arrangements to put her baby up for adoption.  Soon thereafter John and Joanne moved to John’s native Syria but she and their second child, Mona, Steve’s sister, soon returned to the United States. John has chosen to not reach out to Steve, in part, because he doesn’t want to be perceived as doing it to get a piece of Steve’s vast wealth.  Additionally:

"This might sound strange, though, but I am not prepared, even if either of us was on our deathbeds, to pick up the phone to call him...Steve will have to do that, as the Syrian pride in me does not want him ever to think I am after his fortune..."
Aside from an uncanny resemblance to each other, they also both appear to share a stubbornness to not want to be the first person to initiate contact.   Now 80 years old, time is running out for John and Steve to at least meet each other for the first time.  But John, an executive vice president at a Reno Casino, is betting Steve will have a change of heart and at least meet him for a cup of coffee. [Story Source: New York Post]

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