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NOM 5 is Out of This World


NOM 5 is Out of This World

NOM 5 is an action puzzle game that stars NOM, a single guy searching for chicks who runs into an alien and travels into outer space to solve planetary puzzles to collect Truth of Life to meet the Spaceking.  Yup, you read that right---the storyline is a bit wacky. Despite the background story, NOM5 is a unique puzzle game that deserves your attention. NOM is self propelling, leaving you with the responsibility of tapping enemies to destroy them and collecting goodies like power ups and hotdogs. Along the way various types of aliens get in the way and, depending on the type of alien, a tap of the screen is needed to deliver a solid punch or kick. NOM5 has retro arcade style visuals and sounds, and lots of corny dialogue. Be prepared for neon colored menu windows and backgrounds along with flashy cartoon action boxes, emotes and sounds. NOM 5 is Out of This World One of the biggest challenges is keeping your sense of orientation as the playing environment turns upside down, switches right and left, and rotates 360⁰ through the course of one puzzle. This makes reaction times critical since you have no control over the new directions and paths NOM takes. Each puzzle can go on for a long while, adding an endurance factor as you try to keep up with the changing directions and NOM safe from hostile life forms. Luckily, periodically tapping a save point allows you to return to that spot after you die. A drawback to the game is the dialogue which tries a bit too hard to be funny but sometimes isn't. You can choose to skip conversations but may miss important plot information and insight into what the next puzzle planet will be like. NOM 5 is Out of This World NOM5 is a distinct retro arcade puzzle game and a decent time waster but falls way short of being spectacular.  Its free as of this writing so we encourage you to pick up and try it but don't expect too much. AppPicker Rating:  3 / 5 Stars Pick It Up in the App Store:  Nom 5 Other apps by GAMEVIL


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