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VNL Weather app review: view your local weather information


VNL Weather by Hoak Media LLC is a weather app that provides you with all the important weather details.


VNL Weather by Hoak Media LLC is a weather app that provides you with all the important weather details. VNL (Valley News Live) was updated on May 23, 2013 and is available in English and Spanish.

VNL Weather


User Experience

After launching the app you'll quickly be able to experience just how responsive the interactive map is, the great looking graphics, and the speed at which you can move through the pages. Developers have claimed to have delivered a user tested full-featured weather app.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1


Features of this app include the ability to view the map in landscape and portrait mode, an integrated compass overlay, the use of integrated GPS to find your current location, the Road Weather index which is patent-pending, and satellite cloud imagery. During severe weather you'll find that there is a coded weather alert system that is based on severity. Save all your favorite locations for ease of use and view up to 10 days’ worth of forecasts. You can also view daily and hourly information.

VNL Weather


In-App Purchases

There are no in-app purchases.

Update Info

Version 2.5.3 features a number of bug fixes.

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2

Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments

The app currently has 34 customer ratings with an average rating of 3.5 out of five stars.

Personal Comments by Reviewer

While this app offered all the features a reliable weather app should it just doesn’t stand out. You’ll certainly be able to find accurate and easy to read weather details but if you’re looking to go beyond that, this isn’t the app for you.

Screenshot 3
Screenshot 3

Pros and Cons


  • Providing hourly, daily, and 10-day weather forecasts
  • Features integrated GPS to find your current location
  • The ability to save your favorite locations


  • Only offers basic features and tools/functions

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later. VNL Weather is optimized for iPhone 5.

VNL Weather

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