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PostSecret App Serves as Soapbox for Today's "Emo Kids"


PostSecret App Serves as Soapbox for Today's In 2005, Frank Warren had an idea that he believed would allow people all around the world to purge themselves of their secrets. These secrets, be they sweet, sour, deep, or dark, were to be arranged on postcards and mailed anonymously. Warren and his team gathered these “postsecrets” and prepared them for public view on the web, in print, or in one of their many worldwide museum exhibitions. The PostSecret team hoped to rid the secret keepers of the world of emotional distress, anxiety, fear, and loneliness through the “you’re not alone” mentality this type of global community would create.

PostSecret was an instant hit with a generation coming off the sad screams of the emo music craze, and the in-your-face attitude of social media. To date, PostSecret has seen success both commercially and artistically, and has even inspired a handful of copycat websites and movements. Fans of PostSecret have been begging for a mobile application for months, and much to their elation, it has arrived. The PostSecret app (named, you guessed it, PostSecret) is now available for purchase and download. Although in line with popular image personalizing and editing apps, like Instagram and Hipstamatic, PostSecret falls short in both content and design.

PostSecret App Serves as Soapbox for Today's

You know the “friends” you have on Facebook that feel the need to fill your news feed with sad anecdotes and dramatic over-shares? They’ve all joined PostSecret, and they’re taking no prisoners. As with most publicly-created content sites on the web, it’s become increasingly difficult to separate the true submissions from the attention seekers. In PostSecret’s case these drama-seekers are clogging up the cluttered homepage, and with few sorting options, they’re almost impossible to escape. For the handful of people that are still using PostSecret as an emotional soundboard: stay strong. Perhaps the next version will include a “reality bites” filter. AppPicker Rating: 2 / 5 Stars Pick It Up in the App Store: PostSecret


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