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Battery Saver Pro app review: increase the lifespan of your iPhone, iPod, or iPad battery



This app provides some handy information detailing how long your device’s battery will last under certain conditions such as during audio or video playback, talk time, and Internet usage, in addition to some tips and suggestions to help you extend your battery life further.

I was a little disappointed when I first started using this app because, perhaps naively, I was hoping for some tools that would actually optimize aspects of the iOS such as volume, screen brightness, and so on to make my iPhone run more efficiently.

Despite my initial disappointment, you’ll find some solid advice for making your battery last longer so Battery Saver Pro is definitely a worthwhile download.

Battery Saver Pro


Batteries not Included

Battery Saver Pro doesn’t offer a ton of functionality; the two main features are a run-time calculator which will show you how long your battery will last under certain conditions based on its current percentage, and a selection of hints and tips to help you reduce the power drain placed on your battery.

The hints and tips include things like optimizing your push notifications, screen brightness, and Bluetooth settings but what I was really hoping for was perhaps a selection of themes or schemes I could activate to automatically adjust these settings from within the app.

Having said that, the advice provided is pretty sound and is well worth a read.

Another thing which disappointed me was that the developer claims that Battery Saver Pro is completely free of ads; however, every time I start it up I’m presented with a dialogue box asking if I would like to download a “Free Game;” this isn’t particularly intrusive but it does obviously make the developer’s claim false.

Besides that, the user-interface is very simple and easy to navigate – which is unsurprising considering there are only a couple of features - and you can also select from a list of other iOS devices to see their battery run-time calculations.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 is not included in this list so hopefully we will see this in future updates.

Battery Saver Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Detailed analysis of the lifespan of your device’s battery
  • Useful tips to help you extend the life of your device’s battery
  • Easy to use with a very simplistic layout


  • No iPhone 5 optimization
  • No battery life analytics for iPhone 5

Final Words

While not the most spectacular app I’ve ever used, Battery Saver Pro delivers on pretty much all of its promises and definitely serves a purpose for those of you, like myself, who are constantly frustrated with how quickly their iPhone battery dies.

I’ve made some of the suggested adjustments in my device settings and the in-app run-time calculator is definitely showing an increase in the estimated battery life, although I suppose it will take a while for me to really notice a difference.

If you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare to download this app and have a quick read over the Battery Tips, I would recommend doing so because there is definitely some worthwhile information in there.

Battery Saver Pro

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