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Drop’n’roll app review-create cool movies straight from your Camera Roll



Drop’n’roll by New Photographers Burning Factory Ltd. is an app solely created to make your film making wishes come to life. Simply pick a video from your library, add a soundtrack, cut and trim the video the way you like, and voila, your movie is ready to show. If you want different themes to use, you can buy one or get a subscription to get access to all themes.

You can’t film directly from the app, so you have to make sure you have all the video files ready on your device before starting the app.

Drop'n'Roll - automatic movie maker


Is Creating a Movie as Easy as They Say?

It is, though you’re not in complete control of editing your video unless you purchase a subscription. After you select your video and theme (some of which need to be purchased as well) you simply tap “Magic Up!”and the app spits out a video created out of fragments of the video you selected. You can edit these fragments or select new ones, but I never seem to get exactly the video I wanted to make.

The app adds a nice title intro to the video, which you can edit, but some of these title sequences can’t be rendered. When you’re happy with your video, the app will render it for you. You can then share it via Facebook, viddy, or email. You can also upload the video straight to YouTube, but for all the above, you need to be logged in to the right social network first.


Basic vs Pro

On Basic level, you will have very limited control of what you’re doing. The app will make most choices for you, but this is by far the quickest way to quickly create a video. You need to download extra themes if you want, all with pre-set music, or you can simply use a track that you can load straight from your music library. On Pro level, you get a lot more options. You can compile a selection of shots from different movies you created on your device. You can add different videos to different kinds of shot, like Close-Up, Medium, or Wide. You also have the option to use live sound instead of the music you selected. 


Drop'n'Roll - automatic movie maker


Pros and Cons


  • Quickly create a high-quality movie
  • Select your own music



  • Subscription model for using themes
  • Not as many options as I’d like
  • No option to film in-app 



To create a simple movie, this app delivers exactly what it promises. For people who want to have more control, I can suggest using a different app. Since the app spits out a cut selection of scenes from your selected movies and then ties it all together by itself, you lose a lot of control and you won’t get exactly what you want. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad and takes up about 40 MB of space.

Drop'n'Roll - automatic movie maker

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