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'MyRecipes Daily Indulgence' Whips Up iPad Holiday Cooking Stress Solution


With holiday season in full swing, MyRecipes Daily Indulgence is a perfect iPad app for those of us who are challenged in the culinary arts. Every day, MyRecipes has a new baked dessert recipe (not surprisingly, the latest ones are all classic Thanksgiving pies). This app was made by Time Inc. and not surprisingly the 400+ recipes are derived from its magazine properties including Cooking Light, Real Simple, Southern Living and Sunset.

'MyRecipes Daily Indulgence' Whips Up iPad Holiday Cooking Stress Solution

If the recipe of the day isn’t what you’re looking for, you can search for any of the cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, pastries, or frozen desserts they offer. Daily Indulgence includes a section of low-sugar recipes for weight-watchers out there, and lists the nutrition facts for all recipes. Its easy to share recipes by email, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also create and email shopping lists including the ingredients for all the desserts you plan to make. Daily Indulgence is formatted like a recipe book, with a picture of the finished product at the top, a list of ingredients to the right of the picture, and the instructions beneath the picture. Unfortunately, as you scroll down to follow the directions, the list of ingredients stays put, which can lead to annoying back-and-forth scrolling between the instructions and the ingredients. If pictures and words aren't sufficient to motivate you to whip something up, over 100 how-to videos are also offered.

'MyRecipes Daily Indulgence' Whips Up iPad Holiday Cooking Stress Solution

MyRecipes is a solid app for the stressful holiday cooking season. Just be careful not to get flour and sugar all over your iPad. AppPicker Rating 4 / 5 Stars Pick It Up in the App Store: MyRecipes Daily Indulgence Other apps by Time Inc.  


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