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Think In Three Dimensions With The Super Fabulous 'Blueprint 3D'


Seeing an image explode into tiny dots and lines in three dimensions sounds more like the beginning of a physics theory, but FDG Entertainment transformed theory and art into an delightfully entertaining motion puzzle game. With several different design themes and over 240 levels Blueprint 3D is a great way to exercise your brain and creativity during spare hours. We mentioned Blueprint 3D in an earlier post with great expectations and we weren’t disappointed. As the app name suggests, Blueprint 3D transforms a common image into nothing but scattered doodles across 3D space. By spinning and rotating the image via touch screen the player is challenged to form a cohesive blueprint gaining access to the next puzzle. The player is graded out of three stars on how fast they are able to solve the puzzle. The shorter the time, the more stars the player gets and higher the score. Solutions are available  when the player is stumped. Originally only five solutions are provided but more can be bought with in app purchases.

Think In Three Dimensions With The Super Fabulous 'Blueprint 3D'

Seven packs are currently available excluding the app’s tutorial. There are different themes for each pack such as architecture, military, and star constellations. Starting out the architect pack offers 35 puzzles but players don’t need to complete all of them to unlock the next pack. Instead a set amount of stars is needed to unlock the next set of puzzles. Along with different puzzle themes, Blueprint 3D sports an original soundtrack which I personally find to be calming when trying to figure out a particularly confusing puzzle. Each theme has its own soundtrack providing a full multimedia experience. The app is Game Center supported for trophies and post leading high scores. Though players may encounter game play redundancy since each puzzle is solved by using the same method, Blueprint 3D is a great puzzle game which will have you saying “just one more and I’m done”. I have to give credit to FDG Entertainment for creating another App Store hit. AppPicker Rating: 5 / 5 Stars Pick It Up in the App Store: Blueprint 3D (iPhone) or Blueprint 3D HD (iPad) Other apps by FDG Entertainment


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