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Color Your Hair app review: a great app to test out what you would look like with a different color!



You've probably had a moment where you were thinking about changing your hair to another color, but in the end chickened out because you weren’t sure if it would look good. With Color Your Hair by Awesome Free Games, this excuse is no longer valid. With this app you can change the color of your hair in photos so you can check if it’s worth coloring your hair, and see if you look better or worse with different colors. There is no limit on how many colors you can try, as all of them are available in the app.

Color Your Hair - Instant Hair Colour App


Checking Different Hair Colors

First of all, you need to take or select a photo that you are happy with. Now the hard part comes. You need to use different brushes to brush over your hair. This will look weird, as you can’t pick a color yet, but be patient, and use all tools available to you. There are multiple size brushes and different sizes of erasers, but try and cover all your hair, and just your hair, for the best effect.

After this you can start selecting the color you want to check out. As you have three different sliders, one for green, one for red, and one for blue, you can easily find the color you want, as these colors make up all possible colors by mixing them together. When you find your color, you can also play around with saturation, strength, and smoothness. When you like what you see, you’re done.


Sharing Options and In-App Purchases

When you have found a color you are happy with, you can really quickly find out what your friends think about your possible new color. You can email the photo to them straight from the app, as well as post it on Facebook or Twitter. If you prefer to keep it to yourself, you can always save it to your Camera Roll.

While using the app I haven’t seen any ads popping up, nor any banners to try and sell me things. However, there is an ad-free option you can buy from within the app. This costs $1.99, but at the moment, I can’t see why anyone would need that.


Color Your Hair - Instant Hair Colour App


Pros and Cons


  • Dye your hair any color you want
  • All colors possible are available
  • Share your new color



  • Precision required for drawing your hair



This app is ideal for people wanting to test drive their new hair color before committing to actually dying it. It’s pretty self-explanatory how it works, and you have the opportunity to share your new hair or keep it for yourself. There are no ads as far as I can see, so the in-app purchase is for now just useless. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and comes in just over 10 MB.


Color Your Hair - Instant Hair Colour App

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