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Fitness News app review: news directed specifically at women



If you have an interest in your own personal health and fitness and you just so happen to be a woman, then the Fitness News - women app was made with you in mind. Find all kinds of news, tips, advice, and information to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

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Health & Fitness News for Women - Tips, Recipes, Exercises and Nutrition - Newsfusion


Finding the News for You

The idea behind this app is that instead of having to spend time searching online for news, information, dieting tips, advice, and fitness information, all of it has been found for you and showcased in one location. Your fitness level doesn't matter; you can be training consistently in a serious way or you can be all-new to working out and living a more healthy lifestyle.

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What I really like here is the variety of news stories you find. I was expecting stories related to dieting and working out when in fact the stories are so much broader than that. If it affects your health in any possible way, the story is found here.

Use the Top News feature to check out the latest stories, tap on the Video tab to view video content, and enter in topics that are of interest to you in the Topics section. You can also perform a keyword search if you’re looking for something specific.

One area you will want to check out is the “More” section where you can set up things like your push notifications, display settings, sharing, and social networks.

You can also view stories by the latest, day, and week.


Feature-Friendly App

This app is very feature-friendly. Not only is the content engaging and high-quality but the user interface is modern, sleek, and very intuitive. I find navigating the app simple and quick and I love how easy everything is to find. It’s just got a really modern feel to it.

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When you find a story you want to read tap on it and you can either read it from within the app or read it on the Internet. Sharing the story is easy and you can share it to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, add it to your Instapaper, copy the URL, email it, or add it to your Read it Later list. This app is all about simplifying the process of finding, reading, and sharing the news.


Health & Fitness News for Women - Tips, Recipes, Exercises and Nutrition - Newsfusion


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • All aspects of personal health and fitness are covered
  • You can set up your own topics so the app learns what you like
  • There is video content
  • Share stories
  • Fabulous user interface



  • A couple of the stories were slow to load but for the most part the app is smooth and quick


Final Thoughts

For anyone with even a passing interest in women’s health, the Fitness News app is an absolute must-have. Its user-friendly design, high-quality articles, and engaging video content make this a one-stop-shop for valuable information.


Health & Fitness News for Women - Tips, Recipes, Exercises and Nutrition - Newsfusion

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