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Storybook Rhymes Volume 3 app review: read and sing along with these stories



When kids are young, reading to them is absolutely pivotal so they can learn about letters and words. It also helps to let them develop their imagination. The Storybook Rhymes Volume 3 app gives kids a way to enjoy these books in an engaging way through song and plenty of animations that capture their attention.

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Storybook Rhymes Volume 3


Engaging and Fun

This app takes an engaging and fun approach right from the start so that children are instantly captivated. The app is free to download and use but in order to experience its full potential you'll need to purchase the Apptivity Storybook Reader which is available from Fisher-Price. Once you've got the reader you just put your device in it and then it uses its own durable screen so that your device is protected and safe throughout the reading experience. That means babies can drool away while they enjoy the story with no harm done to your device.

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There are a number of features worth mentioning in this app: first off is the fact that kids can read and play or read and sing. This is great because it adds variety to the book and also appeals to kids in different ways.

As the story is read the words are highlighted and then kids can flip the page to move on. The voice narration is filled with animation and offers another level of fun.


What's Inside the App

Launch the app and choose between two classic nursery rhymes which are Pat-a-Cake and Hickory Dickory Dock. If children choose to read and learn the narrator will go through the story and kids can touch the screen to reveal all kinds of hidden elements of fun. Meanwhile in Sing to Me mode the narrator will sing the stories and all kids need to do is touch the screen to turn the page. Read and Learn is meant for older babies while Sing to Me is for younger babies.

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The user interface has been beautifully designed from top to bottom with lots of attention on the colors, animations, and graphics. It’s easy to see what it appeals to babies. I like how user-friendly it is too so that older babies can feel a part of the story and action by touching the animations and turning the pages themselves.


Storybook Rhymes Volume 3


Pros and Cons


  • Child-friendly user interface
  • Plenty of engaging graphics and animations
  • Fabulous narration
  • The option to listen to the stories being read or listen to the stories as a song
  • Choose from two classic nursery rhymes
  • Customization features such as turning the narration on/off and the background music on/off



  • In order to experience this app as its full potential you will need to purchase the Apptivity Storybook Reader from Fisher Price


Final Thoughts

The Storybook Rhymes Volume 3 app provides babies with a wonderful opportunity to listen to classic nursery rhymes in song or as text. I really enjoy all the animations, the narration, and how easy the app is to use.


Storybook Rhymes Volume 3

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