If you enjoy taking baths, or soaking in a hot tub, then check out our list of the best bathtub apps for your iPhone and iPad. 



Price: $2.99

For: iPhone andiPad

This application is a fascinating calculator that measures the amount of chemicals needed for your hot tubs, spas and pools. This enables you to determine the doses for Calcium, the alkalinity and even the water’s pH. Although this application requires iOS 6 compatibility, with its latest version, you can add a photo to pool settings.


Escape 3D: The Bathroom 1


For: iPhone and iPad

This game application is an ecstatic and amusing app that made its way to over a million downloads. This kind of game is a puzzling one that excites the users by trying to get out of the bathroom. This application works best with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later.



Price: Free

For: iPad

This free gaming app has a full retina display that offers an exceptional and an entirely new graphic encounter. Albert HD also uses holographic visuals for your fascination letting you enjoy that 3D effect.


Bathroom Popper HD

Price: $1.99

For: iPad

This game is a great pick-up and play game with vivid color display incorporating beautiful retina graphics excellent for your iPad and the ultimate bubble popping game for you. It is available in Finnish and English plus it is very entertaining not only for the kids but for the whole family.


Shark Dash

Price: $0.99

For: iPhone and iPad

Shark dash is a new highly addictive and entertaining game that takes the gamers to exciting adventures with unique, cartoonish bathroom friends. This 1.0.3 version is a wild journey of bathtubs all over the world. This app has now its unlimited elixir, new sparkling water effect with Gameloft LIVE access and improved font display on the new iPad.