If you love desserts then check out our list of the best dessert lovers apps for your iPhone and iPad.



For: iPhone, iPad

Price: $ 0.99

Love chocolates? Then this app is the best app for you. Now you can enjoy chocolates even on your iPhones and iPads. Satisfy that sweet tooth by looking through the delicious and fantastic chocolate recipes available on this app with just a click. Learn more about chocolate and see amazing tips for cooking various chocolate desserts. 



French Cakes, Pastries and Jams             

For: iPhone, iPad

Price: $ 5.99

This app has over 200 recipes to discover and try. Additionally, there are 30 base recipes in a step by step explanation with amazing photos and videos for you to cook healthy and yummy pastries.



The Photo Cookbook – Baking

For: iPhone, iPad

Price: $ 3.99

Cook 60 different recipes of pastries, cake, cookies and bread with this app. This app is equipped with lovely pictures of the recipes and illustrates every step. It is divided in 4 chapters namely, “Cakes And Traybakes”, “Pastries”, “Small Cakes And Cookies”, and “Breads”. Learn the quick recipes to a delicious treat.



MYO Candy Free

For: iPhone, iPad

Price: Free

Try this app and learn to cook the best recipes for candies. This app features beautiful pictures of the candies you are going to cook and the steps in making those candies. The steps for cooking are simple and easy to understand. 



Appetites’ Easy as Pie

For: iPhone, iPad

Price: $ 2.99

This application has over 20 different kinds of pies with simple recipes and videos. Cook your own pies for any season of the year and be assured that they will taste great. Try cooking pies like lemon meringue, coconut banana cream and more.