Enhance your child's Easter experience by checking out our list of the best Easter bunny apps for your iPhone. 


Easter Bunny My Face - Free Bunny Photo Booth

Price: Free

For: iPhone and iPad

Yes, you can make your face as adorable as a bunny. Just add some real-looking ears and whiskers on your photo, and you can then transform yourself into an Easter bunny with this app! Seriously, it’s better than “zombifying” your face in another too-late-for-Halloween app!



Talking Easter Bunny

Price: $0.99

An Easter Bunny which repeats back everything you say to it! And really, you must be cold-hearted if you’re not even amused by its antics!





Easter Bunny Scan-O-Meter

Price: $0.99

If you think being “naughty” or “nice” should only matter to your kids every December, then show your kids that there’sa  treat coming their way if they can be good for the Easter Bunny! And how can you track their behavior? Well, you need to only “scan” your child with your iPhone to see if they’re good eggs or bad eggs! 



Easter with Bunny, Rabbit, and Me

Price: $0.99

Every ebook likes to say that it has “customizable” functions, but this one takes it a step further by “personalizing” the whole storytelling experience!  With the help of this app, you can be able to teach your child to differentiate and categorize things, genders, objects, and more. We definitely need more apps like these. 



A Talking Easter Bunny

Price: $0.99

This is a cute app that would definitely enhance your Easter spirit. Who doesn't love talking animals?