Make the Easter holiday even more exciting and fun for your children by checking out our list of the best Easter games for your iPad. 


Happy Easter.

Price: $2.99

A learning app in the guise of a game—an Easter­-themed game, at that! Thanks to the interactive animations and beautiful illustrations, you can see your child ace their reading comprehension and vocabulary tests with this app! 



The Little Children's Bible Books

Price: Free

Sometimes, it can be hard getting your kids to wake up for Church. That’s why apps like these are essential in imparting the importance of values and virtues to your child in several interactive stories that is as much devoted to playtime as it is to teaching lessons to your kids!



Paint Easter Egg HD

Price: $1.99

What if you can’t do paint-time with your kids in time for Easter? Well, then this app should provide a suitable alternative for you. With over 20 colors and 3 brush sizes to choose from, spur your child’s visual creativity to new heights with the help of this app!




WordSeek Easter

Price: Free

In keeping with the Easter theme, even some developers have released Easter “versions” of popular word search games. There can only be one reaction for that: Happy Easter!




Easter Expressions HD

Price: Free

Who knew that designing cards can be this easy? Well, this app proves that last point very well! Starting from the usual Easter “categories”, you’re then free to customize your message and images on your e-card according to what you see is fit! The only thing lacking on this app, we believe, is watercolor to paint eggs on, but that’s just us!