If you plan on visiting Memphis or just recently moved to the city, then check out our list of the best Memphis apps for the iPhone.


Memphis in May

Price: Free

Memphis is really one of the best towns to visit in spring time! And thanks to this app, you’ll have a running update to any event which happen this spring (and beyond), including the “Salute to Sweden” and very rockin’ Beale Street Music Festival!



iFOX Memphis

Price: Free

It’s no surprise that Fox has more than a large presence in this region! So, if you want to do what the Romans do, then download this app and keep abreast of what’s what in Memphis today! 




Memphis CA Mobile

Price: Free

The Commercial Appeal is one of those dailies in Memphis that "appeals" to everyone no matter what your views are! If you want your information delivered straight to you without the occasional “fire-branding”, then this free app should be a download for you!




<20MB Memphis Map

Price: Free

For a map that is really only less than 20 MB, it’s impressively comprehensive! You can even zoom in on the map to reflect its accurate street level view! And with a “points of interest” function also located within the app, this can be a travel guide too.




Memphis College Basketball Fan - Scores, Stats, Schedule & News

Price: $1.99

What better way to celebrate “March Madness” than with this app? Keep yourself updated with the latest news on Memphis’s pride and joy. This app includes the latest scores, schedule of games, and standings in their NCAA conference.