"Milk does a body good" and so will checking out our list of the best milk apps for the iPad. 


Milk It!

Price: Free

Of course, with an app list like this one, the first thing you should expect is that a “milking” simulator to have been published by now! However, the best part about it, is that out of all its ilk, this may be the most inoffensive one we have played… and that’s saying a lot! 



Remember The Milk

Price: Free

Why did a to-do app chose “milk” for its marketing slogan? Well, it’s quite simple, really: leave your milk out for too long, and it will just spoil! That’s what the concept behind this app is, where it will constantly remind you  when to take out the trash, study for your exams, or—wait for it—get the milk from the front porch!




Milk Baby - How much milk for my baby?

Price: $1.99

It can be easy to forget what the right amount of milk is for feeding your growing baby! That’s why apps like these exist! In this one, you can calculate the total volume of milk your baby should be fed by simply putting in your child’s weight and frequency of feedings in a day! But of course, ask your pediatrician first before downloading this app! 




Perrette and the Pot of Milk

Price: $1.99

As many fairy tales go, even the most inanimate of objects can have a life of its own! This classic fable from French fabulist Jean De La Fontaine proves exactly that, and it’s even made more beautiful by this multilingual app which enables switching between different languages with the flick of a finger!




Mommy's Milk

Price: $0.99

How much milk does your newborn get to meet their growing needs? Well, this app helps you by tracking your feeding sessions, as well as how good your baby responds to the feedings! And since this one’s developed by the website Moms with Apps, then you can trust that this one is a must have.