If you are fascinated with rhinos, or just want to learn more about them, then check out our list of the best rhino apps for your iPad. 


Crazy rhino HD

Price: $0.99

How far would you go to save the golden monkey? Well, as this app proves, you can go as far as you want it to be… and you can even ram rocks, metals, and even evil monkeys while you’re at it! An endless runner app that is as fun as those games which came to define the genre, this is one game you won’t min wasting your time on!



The hippo, the rhino, the elephant and me

Price: $1.99

How is it that kids can expend all of those energies just so they can have their imaginary friends? Well, as it turns out, this is just a healthy exercise for a child’s burgeoning imagination! This delightful app, in particular, is chock-full of all the usual things kids like to do with their imaginary friends! Start spurring your child’s imagination with this interactive e-book!





Price: Free

Technically, we’re describing a hamster here who just happened to be named “Rhino”! But still, it’s hard not to get smitten by the charms of this app, which sees Rhino the Hamster go the distance after his favorite canine hero, Bolt (yes, THAT Disney film which features the voice of a teenaged Miley Cyrus!)! An endless runner that provides as many laughs as it does speed, this one’s a keeper!




How the rhinoceros got his skin

Price: $0.99

Fables—who doesn’t love ‘em?! As it turns out, the story behind this app is one of the most-beloved, though least told, one of all: how come the rhino got its scales? A British narrator will help your child read along with the passages contained in this interactive ebook!





UpSide down - Safari edition

Price: $1.99

What does mixing the bodies of different animals from the African Savannah achieve, exactly? Well, how about giving your kids some great minutes of pure, mindless fun. And with the option of hearing animal sounds uttered through this app, it’s just like going to the zoo, but without all the stink!