If you love trains and just can't get enough of them, then check out our list of the best train apps for your iPad. 


ABC train

Price: $0.99

Trains and alphabets—really, is there any more potent combination than these two, as far as attracting kids to learning?



mew mew train

Price: Free

What’s up with the internet’s continuing obsession with LOL Catz? Anyway, that doesn’t mean to say there’s no other worth with this app, which sees you guiding a cute kitty and his train through looping train tracks where it is up to you to make sure that he doesn’t get derailed! Sure, this app may be mindless, but there’s no doubt it’s fun!




KL train

Price: Free

It’s an app designed to help you in locating all the train stops and knowing all their related schedules while you’re in Kuala Lumpur! And as far as no-frills apps goes, this one’s a keeper!





ABC-123 train

Price: $2.99

Continuing this trend of trains marketed to kids, this app teaches your child in learning alphabets and numbers by allowing them to identify the missing items! What do the kids get in return for solving the problem? A sticker—of course! 




Go go train HD

Price: $1.99

Think of this app as the casual answer to cult PC favorite Railroad Tycoon! All you need to do is to lay out the tracks and make sure that order will be maintained while people use the trains to get to the next station!