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ROMA VIAnDANTE is an App for tourists visiting Rome, and it presents them with a series of guided itineraries by means of which they can enjoy the city’s historical/artistic/cultural patrimony. Its main characteristic is that it creates dynamic destinations and itineraries based on a new concept of tourist itineraries:: if you take “Divina Commedia” as fil rouge of your visit, the App will create a new experience for you to visit Rome in an adventurous dimension.

Rome’s Points of Interest (POI) are subdivided into categories that recall, PER CONTRAPPASSO, the Circles of Dante’s Inferno:
1. Limbo
2. Ignavi Cowards
3. Lussuriosi Lustful
4. Golosi
5. Avari e prodighi
6. Iracondi e accidiosi
7. Eretici ed epicurei

A tourist guide-book, that is, that can interact dynamically with the user and with the surrounding city environment, by offering mutlimedia contents you can receive automatically when you are near a site that is artistic/cultural relevant, or in an active way, by interacting with the interface and asking for information.

The App accompanies the Wayfarer tourist through a series of itineraries well constructed on the basis of the cultural beauties on hand, and can give a series of suggestions to stop for food or to relax,: once you’ve started up the application, you can choose an itinerary (out of 12) and select POI of greater interest, At this point, the App will calculate the itinerary starting from the user’s position and on the basis of his/her previous choices, and the wayfarer can then start his/her adventure in the city