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Jeremy’s Safety Education Series: My Snacks are Sick

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Adults’ often focus their attention on kids’ cultural education, while the safety education is usually ignored. Kids lacking of relative safety knowledge will cause severe injury. To stop the occurrence of unintentional injury, guardians like parents and teachers should firstly set up the safety awareness in their mind, and then combine safety education with kids’ daily life, thus improving kids’ self-protection awareness and ability. Secondly, children should be trained to form good living habits.

Design Concept:
Fresh food will go bad after long-term storage at room temperature, and food poisoning will occur after eating the bad foods. People could know the foods’ quality by their smell, however, children aging 3-6 have no ability to identify things, so they don’t know whether the food goes bad.

Jeremy’s mom made a lot of delicious chocolate cakes, and there still left a lot after they finished eating. Jeremy hide the left cakes in his closet, and he remembered them days after. He found something’s wrong with the cake when he was going to enjoy them. The cakes smell bad and covered with dirty things. It seems that the cakes are sick!

What will Jeremy do and what will happen?
Open this app to know more!

【Characteristics of the app】

Pure Chinese dubbing
Original 3D animation
Interesting plots close to daily life
Tips for cultivating children’s habits in their critical growing period

【Customer reviews】

Both the plot and animation are perfect for children’s thinking pattern.
--- Deerma
After reading this story, my son knows how to discern foods that go bad!
--- Packy
Wonderful story, my daughter was deeply attracted by its animation!
--- Juicy

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