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Jeremy’s Safety Education Series: I Know Mom’s Phone Number

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Children aging 3-6 are in the stage of mental and physical development, and they are short of living experience and common sense. Although parents are trying to give children as much as protection, however, their protection after all is limited. Parents should teach children necessary safety knowledge and self-protection awareness.
With relaxing and easy-to-understand form, this series apps introduce nearly all kinds of danger and their rescue methods to the maximum extent. It aims to help children to learn the knowledge of self-protection, stay away from danger and grow up safely.

Design Concept:
Missing children are common recent years. Children aging 3-6 can’t find their ways as good as adults. If children know little about his/her family information, it will be hard for looking their parents. If a child is lost, there is little chance that he/she could be found. Thus, it is necessary for kids to recite parents’ phone number!
Jeremy and his robot found a girl crying in the corner when they were wandering in the street. It turned out that the little girl got separated from her mom and have no idea how to do! They asked the girl if she could remember her mom’s phone number, unfortunately, the answer is negative!
Would Jeremy and his robot help the little girl to find her mom successfully?
Open this app to know more!

【Characteristics of the app】

Pure Chinese dubbing
Original 3D animation
Interesting plots close to daily life
Tips for cultivating children’s habits in their critical growing period

【Customer reviews】

I have been teaching my daughter to recite the phone number of mine and my husband’s since she was 3 years old. It is quite necessary!
--- Jose
Very good story! It teaches children how to protect themselves!
--- Nash
I highly recommend this series app! Educating children with stories is much better and more effective!
--- Alicia

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