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****************************** "BTT App HT" is an app designed for use with the Digital Clinical Thermometer/Basal Thermometer (HT-201) ****************************** This basal body temperature app is a simple, easy-to-use app that allows women to track their monthly cycle and record their basal body temperature. Using the app together with the Digital Clinical Thermometer (HT-201) allows you to easily send your basal body temperature to your smartphone, where it is automatically converted into graph form. Recording Basal Body Temperature and Temperature Graphs Measure your basal body temperature using the Digital Clinical Thermometer (HT-201) and send it to your smartphone. (You can also enter this information manually) The app creates an easy-to-understand line graph that allows you to see changes in your body temperature. This graph can be layered with a weight graph or symptom graph, to help you see the condition of your body at a glance. Being aware of your body's natural rhythms will help you to improve your lifestyle and habits. * You can display/register temperatures in either °C or °F. Menstruation Tracking Entering information about your period is simple. The app will predict when your next period will start and when you will ovulate based on the information entered. Registering Weight and Weight Graphs You can enter your weight every day and see it straight away on a graph. This can be layered with a temperature graph to clearly show the relationship between your weight and temperature. * You can display/register weight in either Kg or Lbs. Calendar Enter your daily schedule, any symptoms and notes. Switch between a weekly and daily display. Choose from two different sets of icons based on your personal preference. The predicted start date of your period will also be displayed on the calendar, which is useful when planning trips or other activities. Alarm You can use the built-in alarm to remind you to take your temperature. If you use HT−201, it only takes 40 seconds to measure your temperature.