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CappRazr for iPad

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  • Education
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CappRazr helps you demystify the mechanics of venture capital deals. The app is a venture funding simulator that helps entrepreneurs understand how successive venture capital funding rounds impact the ownership structure of a company, and how projected proceeds from the sale of a company are split between founders and investors given the deal terms.

Change values of key components of the term sheet—such as pre-money valuation, liquidity preference, participation, options—and the app will show you how company ownership and the distribution of proceeds after an exit are altered.

CappRazr is aimed primarily at entrepreneurs, investors and business students. Basic prior knowledge of venture capital deals is preferred.

Available on iPhone and iPad.

Main app features:

• Generate multiple company scenarios
• Explore two sample scenarios
• Refresh your understanding of key concepts in help pop-ups
• Add multiple funding rounds (including a seed round)
• Add multiple investors
• Select from multiple stock types
- Common stock
- Convertible notes
- Preferred stock (Non-participating, fully participating, partially
• Visualise trends for ownership dilution, investment & valuation
• Explore the projected exit outcome: exit payout split, investor return, and
share distribution trend