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When To Wash

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Before you make another frustrating trip to your apartment complex's laundry room, get When To Wash mobile app! It can save you time and unnecessary trips to the laundry room. You can use When To Wash to see which of your apartment complex's laundry room machines are in use and which are available. When To Wash can also remind you when your laundry is done. When To Wash can be used at any time to check on machine availability for your apartment complex. You can use When To Wash to 'reserve now' a machine. The process is simple. You take your phone with you the laundry room and while you load up your machines you use When To Wash to 'reserve now' the machines. You can set a When To Wash reminder so you'll be alerted to when your laundry is done. As renters in an apartment complex 'reserve now' machines, other When To Wash users for that complex will be able to see those machines as in use. As renters 'free now' machines, other When To Wash users will see those machines as available.

When To Wash is a great way to save you the headache of carrying your clothes to the laundry room, only to find all the machines are in use. It's simple and easy to use, with an intuitive user interface.

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Just for fun, here's a little background on me. Like a lot of good ideas, When To Wash was born out of frustration. I live in an apartment complex that has a nice laundry room. Even so, there were too many times when I would haul my clothes there only to find all the washers in use. Needless to say, that was frustrating. I started thinking about ways to avoid these trips. If only there was a way to see which machines are in use and which are available...without actually going to the laundry room. I started off with a couple ideas that were more complex and involved than When To Wash. Sensors in each machine that reported wirelessly to a box located in the laundry room and that box would report to a web site and then apps would connect to the web site to retrieve information. But this would be costly to develop and costly to install. I didn't think apartment managers would go for it. I wanted something much simpler, but still very useful. That's when I thought of what I now lovingly refer to as When To Wash. When To Wash has two components; the mobile app and the laundry room setup. Both the app and the setup are super easy. The setup is done by the apartment manager. The app is used by the renters of the apartment complex. Check out for details, including videos.