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In today's world where colleagues, family, friends are not co-located, instant conferencing with a group is key for coordination, bonding, safety, etc. Imagine being able to do that with a tap.

HelloAll is a smart phone App that facilitates and streamlines the entire process of conference calling and instant conferencing thus providing user a seamless experience. Using this App a user can initiate instant conference calls as well as dial into a conference call(bridge) with taps, organize and manage conference numbers and groups. It will only cost USD 0.99/year

1) Save and manage all conference numbers and there details:
You may have to use multiple conference numbers (paid or free) in a day. Some may be provided by your office for professional use and some may be that you use with friends and family. You can store them all in one place with dial in details as well as assign a name to every conference number that you use. These can be edited and deleted as needed.

2) Hassle free conference dialing with a few taps:
When you have to dial into a conference just tap on the conference number's name listed on the conference number page and it will display a pop up for the user to join as a host or participant. Select your preference and you will be dialed in, no need to dial lengthy numbers and remember pass codes or pins or lookup for them run time.

3) Create and manage groups:
On a regular basis there can be various groups with whom you would like to conference such as team members, business partners, friends, family members, etc.
HelloAll provides a feature where you can define your groups, associate a conference number, set preferences for notifications and select members/participants from contacts. These groups can be edited and deleted as needed.

4) Instant conferencing with a few tap:
When a user wants to initiate an instant conference call they have to tap on the group and start an instant conference. Based on the groups settings various notifications will be sent to participants/members with details. These notifications are text, email and if the members/participants have HelloAll App they will receive additional notifications such as banner/alert pop up based on their settings. They will also receive a notification in their notification page providing details. Participants can tap on the notification and dial into a conference without going through the hassle of dialing a conference number, pass code, pins etc.

5) Notifications:
It is important to be notified when someone is inviting you for a conference. If a person initiates a conference call using HelloAll App then based on the host's selection and your settings you will receive:
a) Text and email notifications
b) A banner notification or alert pop up (enable push notifications for the App)
c) A badge count showing a count of 1 if the App received notification after your last visit
d) Notification in notification page that you can tap to join the call

6) Emergency notification:
In case of emergency it will be great to notify friends/family/well wishers and start a conference call. In HelloAll you can create a group for emergency. This group will be highlighted in red. When you start an instant conference with this group, in all notifications it will mention that the conference is initiated for an emergency. Any notification that you receive from a person in your notification page for emergency will be highlighted in red.
Carrier charges may apply for text as well as voice calls based on your service plans. Currently HelloAll is available on iPhone and will be available on other smart phones soon. HelloAll does not provide conference services it just facilitates and streamlines the entire process. We currently have a patent pending for our idea.