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bSociable - an effective way to control your smartphone addiction!

iPhone / iPad
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  • Health & Fitness
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Do you worry that you spend TOO MUCH TIME on your smartphone? Are you looking for an unique way to be more social, and enjoy the world and people that exist beyond your beloved device?

If so, then bSociable is the ideal app for you!

▸ Gamification approach makes it fun to be more social
▸ See how you rank against others in the global community
▸ Get simple and insightful charts and graphs to track your progress
▸ Improve your quality of life at home, school, work, with friends there's no limit!

◆◆◆ About bSociable ◆◆◆
bSociable is fundamentally different -- and far superior -- than notification-based apps that merely tell you that you've spent too much time on your smartphone. That’s because bSociable uses gamification to reward you with "social time" for meeting your daily non-smartphone use commitments.

◆◆◆ Earn Social Time & Rank Higher ◆◆◆
The more social time you earn, the higher you’ll climb on the global bSociable rankings, which can be searched via date, age group and gender.

◆◆◆ Insightful Charts & Graphs ◆◆◆
You can also access bSociable's simple yet insightful graphs and charts to track and monitor your social time. You can use this data to grasp just how much time you truly spend on your smartphone on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also use this data to motivate you as you make progress and be more social!

◆◆◆ Questions? Comments? Support? ◆◆◆
Visit and send us your questions, comments or support requests. You can also check out some great articles by leading experts on the dangers of excessive or addictive smartphone use!

▶ Note: the bSociable timer can not run in the background or in sleep mode, the Auto-Lock feature of your phone will be disabled during play-mode. ◀

▶▶ Please keep your phone safe at all times while using bSociable and an eye on your battery levels ◀◀