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Alyss 3D Lab Digestive System

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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This is a virtual lab/interactivity demonstrating digestive system of human being. 3D HD animated videos have been used to explain the process of digestion and role of various digestive organs.

Here you will see and understand the complete digestion process starting from food intake through mouth and its further breakdown and absorption into alimentary canal to provide energy to human body.

The food we take passes through a series of organs, before it is digested completely. Beside this, you will also get to know the role played by the various organs in the process and many more interesting facts about the process of digestion.

More interesting and lucrative feature you will find here is that while learning the whole digestive system, you can also play an interesting game with organs and glands involved in the digestive system. While playing lab you will learn the correct sequence of organs involved in the process.

Even things doesn’t end here, after going through the process and playing all interesting lab levels, you will also get chance to play a quiz comprised of multiple choice questions to judge your understanding of the digestion process yourself.

The product is developed by Alyss Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd, an organization based in NOIDA, INDIA, conceived with an idea to broaden the horizons of learning among students by paving a way for simpler and sophisticated knowledge.

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