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The MPtable statistics app from InterWorking Labs® displays tables showing all parameters for selected uni-directional flows in the Maxwell® Pro impairment engine. Enter the IP address and default port 7021 for your Maxwell Pro server, then press Connect: the app will establish a TCP connection to retrieve statistics once per second. The table shows all statistics per flow, as well as network link state for both ports. For each table, select the units to display, in either total counts (bits, bytes, packets), or a rate (bits/sec, bytes/sec, packets/sec). The total counts for each table can be reset to start counting up from zero. The In and Out metrics have "volume-style" meters to show real time activity: tap to switch between measuring bit/sec or packets/sec. Tables show standard metrics; expand the Advanced section of a table to show all metrics, including trigger counts. You can add/delete multiple tables, and enter a name for each table . Warning icons appear if you choose a flow that will not have packets flowing through it.