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Download from AppStore makes it easy for you to find the right companion for your hobby. Right now, we encompass languages, sport, travel, dance, cooking, art and party activities. It is easy to use. 1 click to register, 2 clicks to find a compañero. We believe in honest and quality products. All of our users are treated equally as premium ones. Your profile comes up in search results based solely on its completeness and fit. All the users you encounter on our app are real users just like you. No fake accounts or agents. More details on the current clubs. Language club. Practice a language with a native speaker while having a coffee and discussing the topics you are interested in, such as fashion, sport or politics. Travel club. Good company while on the road is fun and practical. Split taxi and hotel costs, watch each other's back, talk and share impressions. Dance club. Attend your dance classes or party with the partner of fitting height, techniques, and personal click. Sports club. Train with someone who is on your calory diet, in line with your workout plan, or jogs in the same district. Cooking club. Meet nice neighbors who enjoy cooking and socializing. Party club. Go out with the right party buddy to clubs, bars, restaurants etc. Art club. Share highbrow moments with someone who cares about the world of art and fine things. Like us? Feedback, share, rate etc Any feedback, comment, and/or rating are welcomed. ​Help other users to make up their mind by sharing what you think about us. We too want to hear your voice, elaborate what you let us know, and improve our app. Learn more at New Clubs and new website are on the way.