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YC Logic – logical quizzes, brain teasers, puzzle game.

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Brain teasers have become the TOP popular apps for mobile devises because they help to keep the brain in a perfect fit. But the majority of them are mobile games, created to kill your time, rather than help you with concentration and sharping your logic skills.
With a great pleasure, we present you YC Logic – a thriving app with more than 200 perfect conundrums and riddles to upgrade you brain! Solve the puzzles and be a mastermind giving scores to troubleshooters.
For adults (16+): in addition to the fascinating pastime, it may help you quickly master the basic approaches for solving tasks that are frequently given in exams and tests at interviews.
For teenagers (10-16): accelerated development of intelligence and development of systematic approach to solve any puzzle. It’s time to surprise others by your unique knowledge!
It’s a great time to become a thinking tank and win IQ challenge. Now you can do it with YC Logic!
All the riddles sorted out in 7 sections. Solve the problems like these:

Perfect collection of time quiz
What kind of clock shows the correct time twice a day?

Awesome logical puzzles
How to put a big cucumber into a bottle with a narrow neck?

It’s all about the math.
How to build the maximum number using four 'ones' and simple arithmetic operations?

Think twice to solve these conundrums.
The conference was attended by representatives from 7 different countries who know only their own language. What is the minimum number of translators required (one translator can only translate from one language to another)?

Riddles for different subjects comparison (and optical illusions).
A man stands at the foot of a tower destroyed in the upper part by the earthquake. In his hand he holds a picture of the tower before the earthquake. How can he figure out how high it was?

Try yours best to move, burn and change the matches order.
How to make a 3 using 4 matches without removing any of them?

This section with a brain teasers for genius and troubleshooters! Or, probably you are ready to work at Google?
To begin movement, the engineman of a long train first has to slightly move backwards, why?

All the puzzles are perfectly designed with handmade pictured and contain detailed explanations.
Are you ready to challenge your brain?
It’s a perfect app, if you:

- Are preparing for an interview and want to get a job offer.
- Suppose, that you can think faster and smarter. No doubts, you can!
- Want to spend time with your child and discover an ocean of new themes for discussion and learn how to think in a new way.
- Are going to surprise your friends and colleagues with your approach to solve any problems.
Whether you are at home, on the road, or on an airplane, YC Logic is ready to help you keep your brain in a perfect fit. Train your brain to be a mastermind!