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Over the last couple of years Greece has stolen the spotlight of international affairs, however all this turmoil has posed as the perfect springboard from which the nation can take the chance to restore all the beauty that this unique place has to offer. In essence, people across the globe have voiced their opinion by agreeing that they wish to see the country’s progressive, dynamic and creative aspects leading the way once again.

Via this unique application we have contacted distinguished personalities, from different backgrounds and job sectors that mainly include academics, scientists, entrepreneur and artists, all of whom share the same love for Greece, its history, culture and people. With the help of distinguished photographer, Giannis Giannelos, we allowed our guests to give us their insight on the future of this promising country, as they effortlessly merge their thoughts with Greek words typically found in the English language. This is our effort to spread the word on the road ahead that we can only wish to be an uphill battle.