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Almost nobody achieves exceptional performance without being coached. Evan Alan Mulally, who became CEO of Ford in September 2006, when they were losing 17 billion dollars, and made them profitable by 2009, had a coach. Marshall Goldsmith, considered to be the number one executive coach in the world, says that the coaching need not be about operations—strategy, business planning, and so on—most executives do that pretty well already. What they need coaching on is their personal habits, behaviors, and mannerisms that can interfere with their performance.

What is interesting is that Marshall and a colleague conducted research in which they found that executives don’t need an expensive coach—but can use colleagues to achieve excellent results. A link to that research report is provided in our app.

The Exceptional Executive App is designed to offer you help in an unobtrusive way. Every weekday we publish a tip on some aspect of personal growth and development. We help you diagnose your own areas that need improvement, and give you guidance on how to address these issues.

We also publish a blog by the title, Be an Exceptional Executive, which is pulled into the app so you can read it wherever you are, and we do an occasional podcast on longer topics. These podcasts are kept to 15 minutes, as we have found people begin to tune out when they go much longer.

The app is free.

Why are we giving it away? It’s our way of making a contribution, of giving back something that we hope will make the world a better place. We promise not to spam you or try to sell you anything. And you can always disable it any time you feel you aren’t getting any benefit from it. Warm regards. Dr. Jim Lewis