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Listening Tuner - sound capture amplifier

iPhone / iPad
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"Listening Tuner" is a new sound amplifier app to assist you better hearing with equalizing many different frequency spectrum.

All sound consists of the combination of frequency, strength and tone spectrum. On whether the balance of the three elements is captured how changed the over time, it is determined your audibility.

This app can easily adjust sounds to obtain your optimal hearing experience by using your iPhone mic and headphones. Also you can be a simulated experience of hearing loss.

"Listening Tuner" helps you to listen comfortable by using our proprietary digital processing technology, Graphic Parametric Equalizer, Preset Equalizer, Noise Suppressor and more sound control functions.
In addition, on "RePlay" function, you can playback your missed listening sound.

TOON,LLC is a company that seeks the comfort of sound environment based on our acoustic proprietary technology, and will provide tools for audio professional, sound technology, home theater installer, and anyone who loves audio.

- 8 bands parametric graphic equalizer : 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, 12kHz.
- Input level adjustments.
- Noise Suppressor.
- Sound Compressor.
- Preset Equalizer : 4types - pre0: Voice zoom, Pre1: Vocal focus,
Pre2: Higher frequency hearing loss supports, Pre3: Lower frequency hearing loss supports.
- RePlay function : Realtime sound recording and playback on just before 15 seconds.
- Sound Level meter : Mic input level, Equalized sound levels.

- Graphic Equalizer (GEQ): 8 band parametric equalizer, you can tune proper frequency level for your hearing ability.
- Quality factor: On GEQ, it select Quality factor of tuning the envelop of frequency bandwidth.
- Preset-Equalizer (EQ): Based on typical hearing loss model, you can compare different presets to discover which one suits you best.
- Noise Suppressor (NS): Suppress the background noise level.
- Compressor: It allows you to hear all sounds without making them loud, and controls sound dynamic range. Compressing the input sound means the quietest sounds are amplified while the loudest sounds are not.

1. Connect your headphones.
2. Set Hardware volume to 50% level.
3. Set Input level volume up to 25% level.
4. Mount your headphones.
5. Tap "START" button, the audio output will start. Set again Input level volume to listen better.
6. Adjust Compressor level for supporting to listen a low level sound.
7. Select a setting of preset-EQ to check your hearing type.
8. Set GEQ and adjust Quality factor, for fitting your listening characteristic.
9. Adjust NS level on your environmental noise.
10. Tap "STOP" button, the audio output will stop.

Related info:
We also offer the iOS app products to help health management of your hearing. In audiometry app "Hearing Analyzer", you can easily know your hearing frequency characteristics. In Noise meter app "Sound Level Analyzer", you can objectively measure your sound environmental conditions.
We are also providing a new app bundle, "Listening Support Pack" with many hearing assist functions.

In order for this app to work properly, you will have to connect a headphone to the iPhone. The effects may vary for each individual person and each headphones. Bluetooth devices do not work properly as sound amplifiers.
So as not to excessive volume, please adjust the input level and the hardware output volume carefully. Please avoid use of this app at high volume or in long period of time.

This app is not intended to be used for a medical purpose. This app is not intended to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat, alleviate or compensate a disease, an injury, a disability or a handicap. If you think you have hearing problems, please consult with your doctor, or other qualified healthcare professional before using this app. Please use this app at your own risk. TOON,LLC don't take any responsibility for direct or indirect damage that could result from its use.