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LawyerLink is a company founded by top lawyers to enable our fellow lawyers to easily refer cases directly to other highly qualified lawyers, enabling them to better serve their client’s legal needs. LawyerLink is a unique service provided to licensed attorneys to enable them to more fully monetize their licenses by enabling them to instantly refer cases to qualified colleagues and then share in a portion of the attorneys fees paid in a case. Most lawyers work in small firms and cannot serve the legal needs of everyone that approaches them for help. In many instances the lawyers do not practice in the area of law or may not have the expertise, the money to bankroll a case or the time to properly address the client’s needs. LawyerLink provides a quick and easy way to capture client information, send it to our partner law firm for review, then locate the right lawyer or law firm to assist the client to serve their legal needs. Seeking counsel? People seeking legal counsel are at a loss to choose between the tens of thousands of lawyers out there or know what type of lawyer to go to for help. Lawyers are constantly approached, in and out of the office, for advice, or referrals to other lawyers in the event they do not specialize in the area a practice or the time needed to effectively represent the potential client’s needs. LawyerLink was created and developed by experienced Trial Lawyers to provide the largest referral network available to help lawyers quickly and effectively refer their clients to qualified attorneys at the push of a button from their smart phones. Are you a Lawyer? As lawyers, we are constantly approached by potential clients about cases which involve areas of the law that we do not practice, in some cases may require substantial resources we may not have, that we cannot devote the time needed and for various other reasons. LawyerLink was created to enable lawyers to directly refer cases to their colleagues while retaining a fee interest. LawyerLink enables the referring lawyer to provide qualified legal services to their clients, track the progress of those cases and keep the client updated if and when a client might request a status update. LawyerLink enables lawyers to more fully monetize our licenses which ultimately benefits all the parties involved. LawyerLink is fully compliant with ALL the requirements set forth regarding case referrals by the State Bar in each jurisdiction.