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LEAIP Mapping

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LEAIP Mapping is:

- For people who would like to understand and apply the LEAIP Mapping
component of LEAIP Master

- A simple and highly effective accelerated process improvement methodology

- Easy to use, fast, fun, and widely accessible
- a powerful tool, simple steps

- Universally applicable to any process and process improvement activity
in any environment (manufacturing, business & administration processes,
health, government, IT, supply chain, custom product, customer service....

- The I SEE I DO process tool particularly designed for engaging the process
experts - process operators, users and owners! - in rapidly identifying
significant improvements through team collaboration

The LEAIP Mapping app:

- Details how to set-up and run a LEAIP mapping event

- Is one of three modules from the LEAIP Master app modules:
Map; Funnel; Implement. The Map module is where the target process
is mapped out and improvements are identified

- Is intended for LEAIP mapping session facilitators and as a
teaching/learning aid for anyone involved with a LEAIP mapping session:
participants, sponsors, support people....

- Has a graphic navigational interface that looks at the methodology from
both Process and Timeline viewpoints. You are always just a screen tap
away from the key information you need at each point in the LEAIP
mapping process

- Is like having all the tools with a coach at your side, providing
key guidance each step of the way through an improvement activity

- Is portable on your iPad - once its loaded,no WiFi signal is required to
run the app. That means your LEAIP workshop goes to the place
where the process happens whether that's an office space, a mine,
a retreat, a production line, a farm, a forest, a community meeting,
a conference...