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Empire World:Conquest

iPhone / iPad
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Background Of The Game
Empire World - Conquest is a story happened 2000 years ago. When it was the time Ancient Greece there were magical stars all over the sky. In this amazing situations in numerous unbelievable secrets were contained. This is comfortable empire which is protected by kind gods. Meanwhile,It is an empire that is full of fairy tale and magic. Too much comfort, however, makes some people want to be powerful as the gods who lead a richer life.
They start wars by turning into evils through magic in order to destroy the gods, even humans. Then, to save humans and fight against the evils, heroes were born. The war of conquering the evils broke out......

The Empire World - Conquest is a great MMO multi-online 3D action web-game which was invented by Izoone Game Studio who spent tens of millions of dollars and 5 years. You can compete fairly through kinds of modules: 5V5, 3V3,2V2,1V1,get BUFF,have heroes to help, makes friends happily, get a room for a team. It's a game that on-line war and off-time war exist together. Plus, It's easy to play. You can get tasks, powerful weapon out-door fighting, world BOSS, kinds of activities are warring for you.

1. Beautiful pictures, film-like, it is better than the quality of other games. The action is cool with great skills. It has splendid background and excellent scene. It is really international fitting for players from all over the world.

2. It is creative and easy to play. You can completely enjoy the game which is as classical as other games.

3. Many people can play together on-line. Players can have a room to form a team or join in other rooms to play together. Do your task to fight against Boss! Get great equipments!

4. Many kinds of modules can complete fairly, such as 5V5, 3V3,2V2, 1V1.

5. Live on-line and non-live on-line team and competition exist together.

6. Strategy combination: players can match and combine freely with so many kinds of weapons, equipments and skills to update and strengthen your team.

7. Play grid-machine well to win prize.

8. BUFF randomly, get strong skills. Heroes help you fight. Diversified forts are dangerous. It needs players to win with wisdom. You also need challenge and improve acting skills.

9. Make friends on-line. More friends are more helpful. They can help you to fight, which is enjoyable.

10. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight against thousands of monsters with kinds of weapons.

Special Explanation
New players are supposed to choose your favorite language and server after registration.

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