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Matrix Calculator +

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Education
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This the most up-to-date version of matrix calculator on the market with extremely user-friendly user interface.

It supports multiple common matrix operations seen in school:
(1) Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Multiplication by scalar
(2) Rank, Trace, Determinant
(3) Row echelon form, Reduced row echelon form, inverse, LU factorization, transpose

The result would be shown in fraction or decimal form depending on the user input. No terminating decimals would be converted to fraction in output.

The matrix calculator also support easy matrix input with slide gesture and fraction/decimal input.

You could tap any matrix to save it for future use. Or if the result is a matrix, you could directly choose an operation to perform instead of saving and reusing it!

Pro features:
1.Step-by-step guidance to REF, RREF and inverse.
2.Camera input of handwritten matrix
3.Support Deletion of saved matrices or done operations
4.Saved matrices would not be cleared after terminating the app
5.Export matrices as LaTeX script or snapshot
6.No advertisements

Please do provide feedback and enjoy linear algebra like I do!