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SQRoot XL (Square Root, GCD, Prime Numbers + Game 4 in 1)

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(SQRoot XL, GCD/LCM, Prime Numbers & Square Root Invaders) 4in1

SQRoot simplifies (roots or radicals) of positive integers or decimals and displays the answers in both radical and decimal forms. It supports from the -12th root and the -12th power to the 12th root and the 12th power; finds the GCD(HCF) & LCM of 2 to 9 numbers in any order ** Maximum input value can be increased to 99999999 but input slots will be decreased to 4; checks if a number is prime or not, counts the number of prime numbers between two given numbers.

1) Swipe upwards to enter/exit GCD(HCF) & LCM screen.
2) Double tap the GCD(HCF) & LCM screen to clear all slots and results.
3) Swipe again to enter prime number screen.
4) Touch the title [SQRoot] to play Square Root Invaders