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Kontrol for HomeKit

iPhone / iPad
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Kontrol for HomeKit. Home-Automation redefined. A simple and clean iOS application serving as universal remote control for your smart-home. Lights, thermostats, outlets and switches. Homes, rooms, scenes and triggers. iBeacons, Apple Watch and OSC. Kontrol works with Apple HomeKit supporting a variety of hard- and software. • SERVICES The only remote control for your smart-home you'll want to use. Your lights at a glance: Swipe to change their brightness. Touch a lamp to open the color picker. Copy and paste light colors even between different homes or rooms. Thermostats, outlets and switches are supported too, blending in seamlessly. • SCENES Quickly create scenes saving the current state of your hardware. You can define which characteristics and services should be affected too. Ubiquitous computing, talking to your watch. Hey Siri.. Good morning! Kontrol is fully compatible with Siri in (nearly) any language. Just name your scenes in your own, natural speech. Wake up and set your home ready for another day, your eyes still closed. Your scenes are available on Apple Watch too, even when your iPhone is not in reach. • TRIGGERS Introducing iBeacon triggers to HomeKit: real-world context for your smart-home. Stick your beacons in any location or to any object to create new, contextually rich mobile experiences. We recommend using the “Estimote Beacons” - however any iBeacon is supported. Time based triggers are supported too. • DESIGN A universal design for any screen size: iPhone and iPad. Human driven. Day and night themes switch automatically depending on the sun and your location. Press and hold items to show advanced options. Experienced users will enjoy intuitive swipe gestures to navigate between views. • OSC Kontrol is not only about a great smart-home experience but about your creativity. Theaters, artists, musicians, education - from professionals to amateurs. Kontrol enables an easy and accessible way to create interactive lightning experiences. Hookup apps like VDMX, QLab, Max MSP, Super Collider, Ableton Live etc. to Kontrol for HomeKit. Control light installations easily in realtime via Processing, openFrameworks, VVVV, Puredata, Arduino, Raspberry pi without having to take care of all the technics behind. Take full control of any HomeKit compatible lights within minutes. Kontrol supports OSC for lights, outlets and scenes. • FUTURE DEV Support independent software development for a more colorful world. Check out our website and feel free to contact the support at any time.