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Full Docs for SQL

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Lecture 01. Introduction
Lecture 02. Installing MySQL
Lecture 03. MySQL Workbench and Command Line Client
Lecture 04. Things You Need To Know About Tables
Lecture 05. Create, Use and Drop Databases
Lecture 06. Data-Types in SQL (Part-1)
Lecture 07. Data-Types in SQL (Part-2)
Lecture 08. Constraints in SQL
Lecture 09. Create Table Statement
Lecture 10. Creating Tables from Other Tables
Lecture 11. Removing Tables from Database
Lecture 12. Inserting Data Into Tables
Lecture 13. Inserting Data Into a Table From Another Table
Lecture 14. The SELECT Query
Lecture 15. Arithmetic Operators
Lecture 16. Comparison Operators
Lecture 17. Logical Operators (Part-1)
Lecture 18. Logical Operators (Part-2)
Lecture 19. The WHERE Clause
Lecture 20. AND & OR Operators
Lecture 21. The UPDATE Query
Lecture 22. The DELETE Query
Lecture 23. The LIKE Operator and Wildcard Characters
Lecture 24. The TOP and LIMIT Clauses
Lecture 25. The ORDER BY Clause
Lecture 26. The GROUP BY Clause
Lecture 27. The DISTINCT Keyword
Lecture 28. Aliasing Through AS Clause
Lecture 29. SQL JOINS
Lecture 30. Using GROUP BY Clause with SQL JOINS
Lecture 31. Left Outer JOIN
Lecture 32. Right Outer JOIN
Lecture 33. ABS() Function
Lecture 34. ROUND() Function
Lecture 35. DIV() & MOD() Functions
Lecture 36. Useful Numeric Functions Part-1
Lecture 37. Useful Numeric Functions Part-2
Lecture 38. The CONCAT() Function
Lecture 39. UPPER() and LOWER() Functions
Lecture 40. The TRIM() Function
Lecture 41. SUBSTR(), RIGHT() & LEFT() Functions
Lecture 42. The LENGTH() & INSERT() Functions
Lecture 43. REPEAT() & REPLACE() Functions
Lecture 44. REVERSE() & STRCMP() Functions
Lecture 45. Date & Time Functions (Part-1)
Lecture 46. Date & Time Functions (Part-2)
Lecture 47. Date & Time Functions (Part-3)
Lecture 48. Views in SQL (Part-1)
Lecture 49. Views in SQL (Part-2)
Lecture 50. Views in SQL (Part-3)
Lecture 51. Aggregate Functions (Part-1)
Lecture 52. Aggregate Functions (Part-2)
Lecture 53. The TRUNCATE TABLE Command
Lecture 54. Subqueries in SQL
Lecture 55. The ALTER TABLE Command
Lecture 56. Conclusion