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Alien Space Adventure - Premium

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
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  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
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No ads version. Be the hero of the day and help the aliens find their spaceship by reuniting them! Mayday, mayday! An alien spaceship has crashed on our planet Earth! As a result the aliens, those creatures of the outer world have dispersed throughout our population. Now you may encounter them on each populated land. Those strangers, or marcians, or citizens of the universe, however you may call them, are walking among us now. So now, it is your time to be our savior! Play with the aliens of the galaxy, seek and reunite them so that they reach their goal – find the spaceship which will take them back to their planet of origin! You can save us all by showing the inhabitants of the stars the way back home to the super station and avoid a war.
Your adventure will unfold in different levels or stages. The game is simply to be joining and reuniting the aliens of the same color and to achieve the objectives presented in each of the levels available. Try your best to unite as many aliens at once as possible and get power ups that will help you solve the problem and pass these levels with ease. Starting point: world map with all the locations and levels.
• A set of 4 aliens: you remove an entire row or column
• A set of 5 aliens: you get the opportunity to exchange a color
• A set of 5 in the form of T or L: you get a color bomb! All aliens of that color explode
• Bonus: every 1000 points you get a hammer that enables you to send away immediately whichever alien you like!
The game also features ice! Frozen aliens must be released. Unite and collect aliens stuck in ice, so that it breaks and they are free. In the same way you will have to break down wooden cages with captured aliens inside. Break their cages in three steps and set them free to go home! Follow the space adventure!