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Quarter Divide

iPhone / iPad
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Quarter Divide is a simple game can make you crazy and interested in, give you more fun and more challenges, bet you to get high score.
Quarter Divide is a new game of Smution.Game Studio. We always want to give the community more interesting and challenging games with amazing and crazy experiences.

It is easy to play but it is quite hard to master and get high score. More high score, faster and harder.

It is good for you to practice your brain or simply to relax.

Sometimes, playing with the numbers is getting crazy. But sometime, you get lucky and you feel amazing.

To calculate math simple expressions is not difficult for us, specially division expressions, of course. But sometime, when we are in a pressured context or situation, what use to be easy is getting not easy and they make us confuse. In this case, a calculator is not useful. You don't have time to use calculator.

Back to Quarter Divide game. What do we have?

We have a division expression or a fraction what drops from the top of the screen.
We have a circle in the bottom of the screen what is divided to 4 part, each part contains a candidate of result.
So, while the fraction drops, you have to calculate and find out the result, spin the circle to catch the fraction into the right position of the result.

The game is difficult to get high score. Thus, you should bet your friend to have more fun and experiences.
Just take it easy. Don't get crazy when playing Quarter Divide.

Let's download, install, practice some times and invite friends for a contest - who is the best calculator? Best in math does not mean best in Quarter Divide. So just relax.

Thank you so much.