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The application aims at teaching english grammar topics to Grade 1 kids. The lessons covered in this app are nouns, genders, verbs, vowels and singular plural. Five more lessons will be added to the app in the near future.

Every lesson comprises of four modules - Teach, Test, Practice and My profile.

The teach module in each lesson, will have a short video explaining the concept.

The practice module will have set of exercises/questions, which can be selected. The questions will appear in random order. The options provided in the "My Profile" module will enable us to select the exercise and questions to practice.

The test modules are designed like a gaming application. Once the first level is mastered, will the second level get unlocked. All the future tests are locked. A test is said to be mastered only when the kid gets 80% of the answers correct, consecutively for three attempts.

This is a free application.

We deliberately kept the UI simple, so that kids with sensory issues are not distracted with any visual or auditory content. The application is useful for kids with limited fine motor abilities.

Our motto: De-couple skill from learning!