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Animals Trek

  • Entertainment
  • Education
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This application is designed to help your child learn about animals in an entertaining and playful way. To accomplish this, application makes use of stunning graphics, clipart images and sound effects. Each animal is accompanied with a cartoon, sound for animal nameand animal description too. Few common animals like cat. dogs, donkey etc.. also have their voices integrated within the app. The application works on two basic modes:

1) Learn : (Learn more than 65 Animals)
Helps child to learn about animals in various ways. Use application settings to control applications learning mode. For example if you desire that your child must learn animal name and noises, switch off the discription volume from settings.
Auto play mode is used when you want pages containing animal information to automatically turn after some time. Use this control to set the page turning time.You can set turning time from 30 sec to 5 min. Auto Play mode also contains a lock button. Parents can use this button to lock the screen, thereby preventing the child to move to some other screen accidently. To unlock the locked screen, the parent must press the lock button for min 3 sec.

2) Play :
The application includes different types of games, that help your child learn in a playful way and test their learning ability too. Games are designed in such a way that children are always motivated and rewarded. Your child is always rewarded with some or the other object on the correct answer. Even on last guess, child is still rewarded with a sugar cube and cheerful applauded to encourage him play more.